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  1. I have had the distinct pleasure of serving with Chef Ty on ACF committees and even more pleasure watching his professional career progress and his many years of service to the American Culinary Federation.

    But now we choose a new president, what to do? Do we look for someone with years of proven ACF experience or the “fresh thinking” candidate? Why not both?

    Michael Ty has always been the tried and true candidate with a world of ACF experience; at the same time he is the candidate with the innate ability to “think outside of the box.” A consummate professional, a Chef’s Chef and always the ‘embodiment of service’ to the ACF member.

    Chef Ty has my support and, if you see him in this same light, deserves your support as well.

    Chuck Leonardo

  2. Go Chef Ty – You have LA’s vote.
    The Los Angeles Chapter is behind 100%

    Whitney Werner

  3. I will back you along with the ACF Chefs and Cooks Association Of Puerto Rico. I think you did a good job in your last Presidency.

    Bill Leischner, CCC

  4. You have my vote. I have seen 1st hand how hard this man works for the ACF, and I would like to help anyway I can.

    James P. Campbell C.E.C.

  5. Great choice for President of the organization, ACF National. I can attest for his past experience and credentials. Not only is he the right candidate for the position of national president, but is a person with good moral character and ethics.

    I have been professionally in the casino/resort industry associated with Michael Ty for the past 30 years and also consider Michael Ty as a good friend as well.

    Glenn V Tredwell

  6. This news is fantastic.

    You asked for 2 or 3 lines why you should be elected. Lets be for real. That wouldn’t be even the tip of the iceberg. But, if you insist. How about integrity, professionalism, experience, dedication to your profession & colleagues, making this chapter what it is today, honesty & extremely hard working.

    In this short space, I could not give you enough reasons or praise. But most of all, if you need my help, services or time. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to call upon me. I know you were a great President, in the past & this time you will be even better.

    Chef Joe Giancaspro

  7. Michael, you have assisted me in numerous ways, both professionally and on a personal side. I would and will do what I can to support your run.

    The culinary world that knows my standards and my drive for truth of knowledge will understand my respect for you. I wish you the best and will support your candidacy for president of the American Culinary Federation.

    Chef Timothy Gump

  8. I believe that you have the organizational skill and heart to be president of the ACF and encourage you to mount a vigorous campaign to attain that goal… vote for you… which I will.

    Best wishes for a successful run!

    Francis Lynch

  9. Brother Michael,

    I am truly excited to hear you are in the running and I want you to win. Your skills are needed by the ACF to continue its growth. I have always been impressed by you as a person and as chef. You embody what I consider to be an all around great chef and leader.

    Mark Laubner, C.E.C.

  10. Michael has always encouraged younger, newer members to get involved in meaningful, tangible ways, not just standing on a podium and saying, ” I encourage you all.”, but in meaningful ways, coaching and directing with specific positive input. He does not limit his attention to the popular, the most colorful or status seeking individuals, but makes room for everyone.

    Michael has a fearless sense of honesty, ability to rise above petty or selfish interests and continue in a professional manner.

    Michael has always been charitable and generous in a quiet and sincere manner.

    Michael has an innate sense of fiscal responsibility, as well as a daring sense of innovation, capable of a comprehensive overview while keeping both feet on the ground.

    G. Michael Whitesides
    Chef/Owner Affairs To Remember Catering and LasVegasCatering.com

  11. I support Michael because I know he is a very honest and sincere person and cares about other cooks on the job. I have watched him teach others and their work improved.

    Michael is a great chef and has the respect of others. Being a chef is number one to him. He has run some great casinos and he put beautiful menus in each one.

    Pat Rocco

  12. I would like to enthusiastically endorse Michael Ty as ACF National President. Chef Ty’s history demonstrates commitment and professional standards to our profession. His support to culinary education and the advancement of future culinarians is evident by his unprecedented service within the American Culinary Federation.

    Michael endorses high professional standards for himself and others and as President of the ACF he would continue to share these attributes with his fellows.

    Garry Waldie, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AAC

  13. I have had the honor to work with you Michael many times over the past 20 years and I have to say no matter what title you hold or what job you are asked to do, your resolve has always remained consistent. No egos! No mind games! No false promises!

    We need a leader that can harvest the collective energies around this country to accomplish goals that have value to the “average member”, I believe you can and have done that for us.

    We need a leader that will bring back fiscal responsibility to the ACF. Every program should be scrutinized as though it were a business venture, how much value do these programs have to the average member? I believe you are not afraid to make the tough decisions with regard to our most beloved programs.

    We have missed the boat on so many opportunities over the past decade and a half, and sadly we are still the same as we always were. We need to be an “ inclusive organization” AGAIN! You can restore this to the ACF! Good Luck, I wish you well and let me know what I can do to HELP you!

    Damian J. Martineau, C.E.C., A.A.C.

  14. I will stand behind Chef Ty 100%.

    Ron Andrews, CEC

  15. I’m happy to say it would be an honor to see Chef Michael spearhead our Association to its roots again.

    Being an active and participative member from the Central region for years, it would be great to see the way this association used to be in the early to mid 90’s.

    As the years progressed, and came into the 21st century, much has changed with the dynamics of the federation. I myself have seen the decline in membership not only around the states, but in the trenches of our own chapters. I do know that today’s generation is not quite concerned with principles and values as it once was, but this association needs change to continue.

    I speak for myself, but I’m sure others also see the results. Most of our everyday chefs who work hard are from the East to the West, and North to the South. Most of these chefs do not get the recognition that our chefs in the Northeast do.

    I hope with the vision of Chef Ty once had will also continue to progress if he is nominated to our National President once again.

    Thomas G. Ciapi CEC,CCE,CCA,AAC

  16. Michael is an excellent choice to further the missions of the ACF. He has been receptive to the historical needs of our organization but has always listened to ideas that instill needed change in our progressive industry. He is a chef, entrepreneur, teacher, and friend to those in the hospitality world.

    I believe Michael brings the needed experience as well as the managerial and public relation skills necessary to represent the over 15,000 members of the ACF.

    Elliot Katz

  17. I was aware of this and you know I believe you are the right person for this post……please see below and if you need anything additional, just say the word.

    I have worked within this industry for over 22 years, most connected in some way or another to Michael Ty. The leadership & professionalism Michael projects has molded many to become leaders. The industry as a whole, is fortunate to have Michael and his high caliber as a candidate.

    Debbie Hughes, CFSP

  18. “Chef Michael Ty is the right candidate, with proven leadership skills at the right time”.

    “I have known Chef Michael Ty for over 20 years and he has always displayed an outstanding knack in his abilities to lead which we so desperately need for the future survival of our Federation.

    Chef Michael Ty has the skills to not only understand our complex culinary arena, but he is one of the few that know how to successfully execute and monitor the results.

    Chef Michael Ty speaks from a very unique position, unlike other candidates; he has shown proven leadership skills as a former ACF President and has held almost every other board and committee position. “He is the most qualified candidate we have for this crucial election”.

    Chef Mike, I am ready to help support your election campaign.

    Richard “Nick” Nickless

  19. I have known Micheal Ty for a long time, as we both graduated at Upstate New York.

    Chef Ty and I worked very hard to do some fundraising for Poor Childen, helping them and educating them by all means. So love to support and answer any question about Chef Ty to be AFC president.

    Chef Joseph Poon

  20. I feel Michael Ty is the best candidate for President of the ACF because he will put the business of running this organization first. He will work toward rebuilding the financial stability of the ACF to where it once was when he was in office.

    Michael has proven to be a great, hard working leader that can run our organization with respect and redirect our membership to a common goal of bringing the pride, fellowship and unity back into our ranks.

    He will listen to the concerns of the membership. I believe Michael Ty would be a great choice for President of ACF.

    Mark Antony Prece, CEC

  21. Having been a member of the ACF for more than 2 decades, I have had the good fortune of witnessing Chef Ty’s last presidency and all he contributed to our membership. In addition to his terrific, no politics, open leadership style, Chef Ty also orchestrated a National Convention in Las Vegas that I for one, will NEVER forget!

    Widjiono (YONO) Purnomo, CEC

  22. Michael has a new vision for the American Culinary Federation. One in which
    will bring together Chef’s, Educators, and Allied members. His mission is to
    form a cohesive bond between all groups that will work together to promote
    the basic tenants of the ACF.

    Chef Carlton Brooks

  23. The reason I stand behind Chef Michael Ty is I know him far best of the people running for the ACF president.

    I have known him since 1992 when I first came to Las Vegas. I have followed his work for ACF all this time and know that he has worked at so many different projects other than being there President that he is an expert in how the organization is run. I like his vision and trust him to do his fair best to follow them thru.

    Chef Hilmar B. Jonsson, CMC

  24. Michael Ty should be elected as ACF President, because of his background. He cares for the members, and their chapters. He is a former ACF President. He knows more about the Conventions, and Conferences operations, than any other Chef.

    Lets put him in office.

    Darrell Anderson CEC, CCE, AAC, HOF

  25. I first met Michael more years ago than I want to admit. In all that time no matter what came his way he always conducted himself in a professional manner.

    In 1997 I was appointed the ACF National Convention Chair. Michael had the position before me. Michael always did a great job running our National Conventions. I also know Michael was not happy about my appointment. Being a true professional he met with me and shared with me all the information he had on the upcoming ACF National Convention.

    As luck would have it I became seriously ill and could not perform my duties as ACF National Convention Chair. Noel Cullen was president at the time and I reached out to him and explained to him that bar none Michael Ty was the only member for the job.

    I truly believe today, more than I did in 1997 that Michael Ty in the only member for the job of ACF National President

    Good Luck & God Bless

    Gerard J. Murphy CEC, CCE

  26. Hi. I am sure you do not remember me from Adam, but I remember you from the Roanoke Virginia SE convention a few years back and before then, and impressed I was and still am and you have my vote.

    Chef Claudia Fitzgerald CCC, CHS

  27. I am actively supporting you and will continue to do so. Good luck and do not hesitate to call upon me.

    Chef Ron Coneybeer

  28. I believe that Michael Ty is the best candidate to bring this organization into the future.

    In these difficult times I believe that his election will ensure that the ACF will be more transparent,
    while also managing it as a business, ensuring the future of the ACF.

    George Ouimette, CCC

  29. I am in favor of Michael being our next president, I enjoyed him in his last presidency and yes we have to energize the ACF and recruit much more young people into the organization, for this we have to get away from the good old boys club we had the last few years. Also CMC have to be a lot more available for local events and not just take the NY ones which pay sooo good.

    Michael has my vote and so the whole 161 PA Groundhog chapter.

    Thomas Viel CEC, CCE, ACE, AAC

  30. We need to think out of the box for 21st Century change ACF.

    Our vote for you, TY.

    Chef Ben Fonbuena

  31. First off I applaud you for getting in front of the ACF election and your commitment to step up. You are the right guy to get things done!

    I have been a member for well over 20 years and recently received my lifetime CEC certification. I want you to know as long as I’m a member you have my support.

    Paul Higgins, CEC

  32. Personally knowing him for over 35 years, I believe that Chef Ty should be elected as the upcoming ACF National President for the following reasons:

    His experience as a Past National President.
    His dedication to the organization over the past several decades.
    His keen business sense and ability to oversee at a profit, Regional and National Conventions.
    His devotion to the members and the local chapters, recognizing them as what they are, the true backbone of the national organization.

    Christopher J Neary, CEC, CCA, AAC

  33. Michael Ty has been my friend and associate for over 20 years. He’s one of those rare people that say what they intend to do and then he does what he’s said. I’m not a chef but have worked in the Food Industry my entire life. I’m 62 and in all my experience feel that Michael is exactly what the ACF needs. If you don’t want the ACF to be bigger and better and more receptive to the members, then don’t vote for Michael. If you want to be part of an organization that is dynamic and growing then cast your vote for Michael.

    Ed Bass
    Pork and Food Industry Consultant

  34. How I wish I can be of any influence or assistance to Chef Michael Ty’s candidacy as Pres of this prestigious organization. When our school successfully applied for accreditation, he impressed us (especially the Chef Instructors) with his professionalism, sincerity,and humility. Chef Michael have shared a lot of kitchen wisdom that have given encouragement and inspiration to our Chefs. I can only offer my prayers that the Lord with bless him with resounding victory to be the next Pres of ACF.

    Susana P. Guerrero, CCP
    Pres.,Center For Culinary Arts, Manila
    (1st Culinary School in Asia to be accredited
    by ACFF)

  35. I feel Chef Ty should be elected as the ACF National President because, he has the professional experience in the ACF what the members needs and vision for the 21st Century future culinarians.

    Ben Fonbuena, Jr., CEC, CCE, AAC
    Executive Chef, Rice University

  36. Michael: “Accidentally” found your blog. We worked together too long ago at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

    Comparing ALL the chefs ever in LV, Reno, Tahoe, and Atlantic City, I can say without hesitation … you were and are the best … even today.

    I am certain you were and will be the greatest ACF President. My best wishes are with you.


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