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Thank you for your openness and honesty in seeking responses that will help our members.  Our members, coupled with the legitimacy of honest support by the organization’s leadership is an avenue we must preserve, and when needed, reestablish.  For ACF to be the leader throughout America’s culinary society we must strive to maintain open lines of communication. 

Thank you.

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC



  1. Hey Chef what is your platform in regards to the
    ACF Culinary Team USA.

  2. Certification requires a practical exam. The exam is only practical for only a few culinary professionals. It needs to change to encompass more food service professionals. Fine dining, production, and chef/owner should be the three classes added to the current CEC.

    • I totally agree there needs to be change. As a business owner it is very hard to accomplish the certification process, I beleive our status as a business owner should receive recognition as well as the other requirement for certification. As Chef Ty said in his he email “my business needed me” so does mine.

    • Please view my comment at the this link:


      Michael Ty

  3. Hello Chef Ty !!

    My question:
    We need more hands-on classes at the conferences. How can we get more classes provided by the members themselves, who are quite talented in their own right ?

  4. He got DEDICATION towards his craft that would surely lead him to his COMMITMENT of becoming an EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT ACF President.

    • Thank you. I am grateful for your vote of support and kind comments.

      Michael Ty

  5. Chef,

    At the Central region conference there was discussion about “ProStart” program and some sort of affiliation with the ACF.

    Do you know what this about?

    Is there a chance that SkillsUSA should be, could be considered too?

    Chef ED KC

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