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Leadership Skills and Execution

April 30, 2009

What are your skills and how do you plan to apply them to better the ACF?


Comparing Candidates’ Qualifications

April 30, 2009

What differentiates you from the other candidates?  How do your qualifications set you apart from the competition?


Michael’s Qualifications

April 30, 2009

Fellow military members would like to know what qualifications you possess that make you the right person hold the position as the ACF President.


Why I am a Candidate

April 9, 2009

Hello Chef Michael,

I have heard some talk about you running for president in retaliation for having lost your position with the National Office.

What is your reponse to this debate?

I think it is important that we hear from you on this angle of thought.


Chef Orlin Marcus

Michael’s Reply:

One question in particular has continually resurfaced at the Conferences and on my blog. Apparently, “inquiring minds” want to know why I am running for office. I am honored to be asked and to be given the opportunity to present my reasons.

When I originally served you as National President in 1993-1994, it was the beginning of the one-year ACF presidency, a succession plan that would allow presidential representation from every region. This one-year plan was abandoned in 1997 for obvious reasons.

Similar to creating a 7-course meal and serving a few courses short…”One year is not enough.” And indeed, it was impossible to implement and bring to fruition any plan of significance in that very short time period. Since then, I have always felt that I could do so much more…and still intend to do so.

There are many individuals that will attest that I’ve always had the desire to re-run for National President. I had considered running in the 2005 election but was “asked to wait” till the next term and afford one of the candidates his bid to become National President of the ACF.

I deferred graciously, but I must admit deferring was not new to me. In the intervening years, my three children were coming of age and my business needed me. My situation now is that I am again able to devote more time than necessary into growing and stabilizing the ACF for the benefit of all current and future members.

Others are claiming that “I am running for the wrong reasons… because I did not get a (convention) contract renewal from the ACF.” Not only is this untrue, in my mind it is not possible to relate one to the other. For me, this was the most fortunate event…as I was free to seize an opportunity to grow and expand my business into a multi-unit operation. I assure you that I had and have no reason to “look back.”

My reasons for running for the presidency follow below. If these are not the “right reasons” then I ask you, “What are the right reasons? I challenge my opponents to publish their “right” reasons.

I can do a better job and here is why:

1. With my business experience, I do know how we can make and save more money than we currently make and save…while strengthening our reputation and growing our membership.

• I am not comfortable with the direction our federation has taken. We continue to increase our dues and take away member and chapter benefits. This must cease.

• Our assets have eroded since I was president in 1993-1994 when we had a net worth of $4 million. During the past 8 years I have seen our assets hit below the $1million mark. Currently we are at $1.3 million.

• I have seen unnecessary spending. Now, when our country is in a financial crisis…we should look at how we can reduce our expenses as well as trim our spending.

2. I have knowledge and experience from serving as your president once before.

• I have 12 years of national level experience; no other Presidential Candidate can match this.

• This national experience includes: ACF Convention Committee Chair, ACF Chef and Child Board Member and President, Team USA Regional Liaison for the 1992 team, ACF National President, ACF National Chairman of the Board and ACF President of the National Chapter.

• I’ve kept abreast of happenings through my volunteer work and as a vendor for the organization working on the Convention Planning Committee – Events Management Team.

• I possess an in-depth knowledge of all the entities of ACF.

3. I am and have always been a “service” oriented individual donating both time and money.

• Beginning with the year 2000, I have donated nearly $60,000 of my own money back to ACF related charities and events; no other Presidential Candidate can match this.

• My long time involvement with ACF spans over 26 years both on the local chapter level as well as on the national level. (See above.)

• Eighteen (18) of the 26 years mentioned above were purely volunteer service.

4. My platform…”A Recipe for Change” is the result of many hours of original thought, research, and planning.

• I created and updated my platform over the course of several years…in preparation for this election.

• Since it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am flattered that myopponents think so highly of my platform.

5. My passion and love for our federation is unconditional.

• It is documented by my history with the organization and in our industry.

• I have no reservations about my commitment to the position of ACF National President.

I ask all of you to read in detail the platforms of all candidates. Why? Because voting for a candidate based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and region or for any reason other than the issues is surely a wasted vote. If you are not familiar with all the issues, please seek out ACF members and/or your chapter leaders that can help you make an informed decision.

In closing, our federation is at a crossroad where we need to make the correct choices for our organization. I know that I am the person that will bring stability, growth and respect back to our ACF.

Ballots will be mailed out to every qualified ACF voting member on May 1st and must be mailed and post marked by June 1st. Please vote.

With all respect, I appreciate your time and ask for your support to be your next ACF National President.

Warmest regards,

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
ACF National Past President, 1993-1994
ACF Chef of the Year, 1997
Candidate for ACF National President, 2009-2011