Endowment Fund

Michael Ty’s ACF Chef and Child Endowment Fund

The Michael Ty Endowment Fund of ACFCCF was established in 2000. It provides a scholarship for an ACF chef who has dedicated countless hours to fighting childhood hunger, working on behalf of the foundation and teaching the children who benefit from ACFCCF programs.

Each award may be used at a school chosen by its recipient within a 12-month period of winning the award. The fund was named in tribute to Michael Ty, CEC, AAC, ACF President (1993-1994), who conceived and produced the highly successful School Lunch Challenges for three years.

Ty is a long-time member of the ACFCCF board and has served as its national president (1994-1995).

You can read about Michael’s Endowment Fund on the ACF Web site.

View and print Michael’s Chef and Child Endowment Fund Application.

You can make a donation to the ACF Chef and Child Endowment Fund by clicking the button below.

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