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Certification Levels

May 17, 2009

I have been going through the process of certification and have found it to be a interesting  experiment of contradicting standards of execution.  I have had the opportunity to both observe the process and participate in it. It has left me dissapointed and feeling that the ACF can certainly do a better job of it.

I know the organization has made great strides in standardizng the process and making it fair to all who pursue the noble certification level status.  But, “one size doesn’t fit all”!

It is an expensive process. The cost of planning and practicing, time off from work,  in addition to travel costs can add up to a major expense.

I feel there needs to be considerations made for years of experience.  There is a differnce with a chef with three years of experience and one with over 20 years. There is a difference between a chef who manages mutimillion dollar sales compared to the chef who does not. There should be a recognition process given to the level of responsibilty and execution of the job.

I feel consideration should be made to the chef with many mutliple years of experience by waving the practical exam. I certainly have much respect for all chefs who have endured the rigors and rewards of our profession.

I feel that no chef should evaluate out of their certification status.  Culinary for culinary.  Pastry for pastry.

I am hoping Chef Ty that you will take my recommendations under consideration if you are elected president of the ACF.

CremePuff 17