ProStart & Skills USA

April 30, 2009


At the Central region conference there was discussion about “ProStart” program and some sort of affiliation with the ACF. 

Do you know what this about?

Is there a chance that SkillsUSA should be, could be considered too?

Chef ED KC


One comment

  1. Regarding SkillsUSA, I know that this was, once upon a time, the VICA program. To be honest, I am not sure which came first … but from what I can see, ProStart is in the lead and they have a very good organization and foundation.

    A Chef that attended Town Hall Meeting in Chicago
    approached me later and asked me if I knew about SkillsUSA and my response to him was “not enough.” He was going to have a SkillsUSA contact person
    get a hold of me to see how they can participate with the ACF and grow.

    As of this date, I have not heard from any SkillsUSA personnel to find out more. I am hoping to attend the national finals in June.
    One of my reasons for attending is to observe a former Sous Chef’s son that made it to the finals as a State Champion.

    It is my hope that at this event, I will gain more knowledge of SkillsUSA and meet the right people to talk with.

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