Programs for the Military

April 30, 2009

Lastly, while the ACF has never been closer to the Army Program than what Chef Kinsella has brought it, we would like to know where you will take this professional relationship from here.


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  1. Although, I have a very good relationship with the Army (through Travis, David and you), I need to be cognizant that there are other branches of the military that need to be included in the process. I personally do not know what Chef Kinsella has done to bring you closer, but I would venture to say that what he has done for you presently sounds like a step in the right direction. But do you really feel that it is enough?

    My position would be to partner with the military, not just the Army … but all branches of the Services. Please be mindful that the military would not be the only one to be given this opportunity. We have many sister organizations in our industry and I would like them to serve on the industry council as well.

    I would like to see us have representation from the Armed Forces sit on an Industry Council that would meet with the elected officers of ACF. It is my suggestion that each council member be given voting privileges. This would require approval from the Board of Directors and Board of Governors, and a by-law change.

    My proposal is to be inclusive within reason with all our entities in the ACF. This includes Culinary Team USA. As I mentioned to Chef Turcotte, I would like to see a competition of our Armed Forces at our national convention similar to what was done in Salt Lake City, Utah during the 2008 ACF Western Conference.

    Therefore, it would be my recommendation to form an Armed Forces Committee, which would include all branches of the military. This Committee would elect their representative to the council.

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