Military Involvement

April 30, 2009

What would you like the military to do for you to be a successful president?


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  1. As one of the leaders in our Armed Forces, it would be a feather in your cap to assist us in getting the other branches of the military involved in our federation. Currently, we have the Army and Navy involved in the ACF. What about the Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard? They have cooks and chefs within their rank and file, also.

    You could assist us in developing a better alliance with the Federal Government by obtaining contacts with the Department of Labor, Education, Commerce and Agriculture. We must be associated with them in order for us to build our reputation in the “World of Food.” This is a major stepping-stone for the growth and recognition of our federation.

    With your assistance, I feel we could apply for and receive government grants, which could help us with our certification status, and potentially receive grants for our Culinary Team USA and our very own Chef and Child Foundation.

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