Leadership Skills and Execution

April 30, 2009

What are your skills and how do you plan to apply them to better the ACF?


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  1. While I am not “Top Chef”, nor am I an “Obama or Biden”, I do possess the best combination of culinary, managerial, and leadership skill and acumen not only compared to my opponents, but also in contrast to any chef in the ACF that may have the time, energy, desire, and will to make a difference.

    As in any business or organization, unpopular decisions will be necessary, but I will be an unbiased, visionary leader that will make changes for the good of our federation and members.

    My plans include implementing changes that will make ACF membership have much more value. It is my plan to run the ACF as a 21st century business and hold those … charged with the responsibility … accountable for their actions and spending. It is my goal to streamline our budget and allocate spending to increase membership benefits. Of course, I cannot do this single handed. I need the support of the incoming Officers and the Board of Governors to make this possible.

    At the end of the day, membership enhancement and value is a priority as well as re-energizing and building confidence within our rank and file to make ACF not only a more prestigious organization but to give credibility to our members.

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