Economics and Positioning for the Future

April 30, 2009

There are currently some tough issues that the new ACF President will face. Members want to know how you would address some of the following issues. As the military division grows, what programs need to be put in place so that our division can insure that our members are the best that they can be in this great profession?


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  1. The incoming elected officers have a difficult task ahead of them. We not only have challenges with our economic situation, but with the declining growth of our federation. I mentioned in my March 20, 2009 email blast, we ONLY have approximately 9,431 voting members out of 22,000 members. These numbers were obtained from our current National Treasurer and President.

    How do we retain our student culinarians … this is another big issue we face. We need to bridge the gap we currently have with an aging membership that will be retired/extinct in the future with no one to succeed to leadership. Why? Because we lack significant membership between the ages of 25-49 years.

    ACF is a well kept secret! Nobody knows about us. We lack public awareness and recognition. We need to secure a public relations firm that is knowledgeable in our industries and who will promote not only the top chefs, but chefs from across the nation, who make a difference in our craft.

    Recapping my above suggestions; we need to start with grass root efforts, assist the chapters and provide benefits that are meaningful to the new generation.

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