Comparing Candidates’ Qualifications

April 30, 2009

What differentiates you from the other candidates?  How do your qualifications set you apart from the competition?


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  1. In my opinion, you cannot compare me to any of my opponents. First, I already served once as your ACF National President, but it was the one-year cycle and that was not enough time. None of the other candidates can say that they have this under their belt.

    I have a thoughtful, well-researched, and realistic plan for the future, which I do not feel my opponents have. In addition, if you were able to attend all the Town Hall meetings, you might agree that comparatively, I answered questions more effectively, with more thought and detail because of my experience.

    Second, as I mentioned before … even after I served the highest position for our organization, I continued to work on committees to serve you the members. Historically, past Presidents serve their presidency and after that we do not hear from them.

    Third, I am aware of almost all the entities that comprise the ACF. I may not be an expert in all areas, but I am the leader that will search and find the best, most knowledgeable candidates available for positions; and if I make mistakes, I will take ownership for the errors.

    Last, but not least, several of my fellow colleagues have asked why I wish to serve again. It is because I am passionate about and love this profession. Someone needs to step in and make changes or there might not be an ACF in the years to come. All three of my opponents currently serve on the National Board.

    Ultimately, the members determine who has served skillfully and successfully in their position. This is why I am stepping forward to facilitate progress and to make a difference.

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