April 30, 2009

I totally agree there needs to be change.   As a business owner it is very hard to accomplish the certification process, I beleive our status as a business owner should receive recognition as well as the other requirement for certification.   As Chef Ty said in his he email “my business needed me” so does mine.

Mary Ellen


One comment

  1. Chef … thank you thoughts regarding certification. It is my hope that ACF certification will become the standard in our industry and that every foodservice facilty will hire a certified chef.

    With the work the commission has done thus far and my plans to partner with our government as we once did before, we can be the ONLY certifying organization in the United States.

    Then at that time, we will be able to command higher wages as our fore-fathers envisioned when they implemented certification.

    Our businesses need our attention and the ACF needs to be cognizant to this.

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