Culinary Team USA

April 12, 2009

Hey Chef what is your platform in regards to the
ACF Culinary Team USA.


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  1. First I want to thank you for posting a question on my blog site and apologize for the delay in my response.

    The platform that I have planned is not specific to ACF Culinary Team USA. This will be decided by our newly elected Board, because I had a conversation with our national president back at the Williamsburg, VA regional conference to not make the appointment for the new team manager, but let the incoming president and its elected board make that decision.

    With that being said, our organization has several entities that are all important and due to the demographics and diversity of our members, we need all of them. I look to give equal recognition and attention to all of them.

    Team USA has the potential and ability to create brand awareness not only for the team, but for the ACF. It is my hope that we can continue this entity in ACF … but we have to realize that it must be re-organized and held to a budget that is manageable.

    The team should have a succession plan, that trains and nurtures new and young competitors that can be elevated to the national team. Former Team Manager, Keith Keogh expanded the process back in 1989. In the beginning, it created a training ground as well as a lot of excitement. Financially, it was not feasible and only few chapters could afford to sponsor a regional team by itself. Those days are gone and we need to meet half way. This includes our Military Team, Youth Team and our individual members that go to Germany without the support of ACF.

    I believe there is a happy medium between what was then and what we have now! It will take a task force of both past competitors and ACF leadership to come up with the perfect “recipe for change.” With the wealth of knowledge we have in our organization, we can create a Team that is cost effective, is the member’s Team and be a world-class competitor in the Culinary Competition arena.

    Chef, bottom line, we need to chose the right leader that will “champion” this entity and who has the philosophy of the members in mind. We need a team that is responsible and approachable not only to the members, but also to its sponsors.

    I hope my comments shed some light into the matter, but the fact remains; this is what I hear our members asking and with compromise I feel we can be successful.

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