Certified Culinary Educator

March 22, 2009

I am very curious about your position in the requirements that a Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) must be degreed.  I have been a full time teacher in Florida for over 15 years.  As an Industrial Vocational Educator, I am not required to have a degree.  I understand that the ACF is trying to up the credentials of its certification program however, in my school district alone we have 5 chefs that are full time teachers with teaching certificates but cannot certify as a CCE.  I think this policy is wrong.  What is your opinion?


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  1. One of my platform goals is to make Certification compulsory not only within our organization, but to make it standard in our industry throughout our nation. We are in the beginning stages of making this a reality, but it will take time and we cannot expect it to happen overnight.

    I am not sure what the Commission plans to do about raising the bar for educational requirements. Currently, to be a Certified Culinary Educator, you must have either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. This is the minimum requirement and we do not see any way around lowering these standards.

    I’d be interested in polling our membership in education to see how many Chefs are in the same situation that you. If the number is significant, then I would ask the commission to see what can be done to create another level of certification that would fit your criteria.

    With this being said, anything is possible … but we would have to see if creating an additional certification level, similar to the CCA, Certified Culinary Administrator is feasible.

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