Certification Exams for All

March 22, 2009

Certification requires a practical exam. The exam is only practical for only a few culinary professionals. It needs to change to encompass more food service professionals. Fine dining, production, and chef/owner should be the three classes added to the current CEC.


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  1. One of my platform goals is to make Certification compulsory not only within our organization, but to make it standard in our industry throughout our nation. We are in the beginning stages of making this reality, but it will take time and we cannot expect it to happen overnight.

    Another one of my platform goals is for the ACF to be more inclusive of the “world of food.” In order to accomplish this, we must reach out and embrace the non-traditional culinarians in our industry. This was my platform when I was your national president in 1993-1994, but was not able to carry this to the next level in order for our organization to grow.

    With the support of the Board of Governors and the newly elected board, it is my desire to investigate this within our first term in office. If we are successful in building our membership and diversifying membership in these categories, then it could be feasible to look into creating additional certification levels, similar to the CCA, Certified Culinary Administrator.

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