Senior Chef Status/Dues

February 16, 2009

I have been a member for well over 20 years and recently received my lifetime CEC certification and was also planning on getting my senior chef status until I learned that the age for recognition is now 65. This is a bit disturbing to me after forty plus years in the industry and getting to retirement age to learn that the ACF decided to make up their own rules for retirement and disregard the guide lines of the state and federal agencies that regulate senior programs.
My dilemma, is do I pay the full membership dues or let my membership go away. A tough choice that I’m struggling with, as I just received my annual dues invoice.

Michael, that’s my issue. I realize their are bigger issues on the table and want you to know as long as I’m a member you have my support.


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  1. The Board of Governors, which are all the Chapter Presidents and Board of Directors passed this by-law change, I believe two years ago in Orlando, Florida. Below you will find the change that I have copied for you.

    “Senior Professional Culinarians. A Senior Member shall be a person at least 65 years of age, retired from employment and who shall have been an ACF Professional Culinarian member for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive years at the time of retirement. Regardless of age, a member with at least seven (7) years tenure in any category who is permanently and totally disabled from culinary employment shall be eligible for Life Senior Professional Culinarian membership.

    Senior Professional Culinarians shall retain the rights and privileges of the membership category from which they retired, including the right (if any) to vote for national officers and at-large directors. Senior Culinarians cannot hold elected national office. This membership category shall include all Retired Disabled and Life Senior Chef members.”

    With this being said, it would take a by-laws change to change this back to 62 years of age and would not be implemented at the earliest till 2011 at the national convention in Anaheim, CA. I am in total agreement with you that we may not be in sync with Federal and State Laws, but I will refer this to one of the candidates for Secretary whom I believe would be the best choice for us to elect this coming year. If we are both elected, we will look into this immediately and hope to get the Board of Governors to reverse this decision.

    Chef, in the meantime, may chapters are paying for their Senior Professional Culinarians and not expecting you to pay for the dues. I urge you, if not too late to approach them and get their support for you till we can make changes.

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