January 17, 2009

Why are national conventions held only in Las Vegas or Orlando, FL?


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  1. National conventions are booked as much as 4 to 5 years in advance. When feasible, one of our main requirements is for a hotel to house our convention in one property. We have had a long term relationship with Marriott Corporation; however, their offerings are limited in that respect.

    While there are many other available cities, such as St. Louis, Detroit, and Baltimore … this would put us in two hotels, generating the need to use a convention center to accommodate us. In addition, the decision to go between Orlando and Las Vegas was the decision of the current administration who felt that this was the best venue for us.

    Future convention cities that have been booked include Anaheim, Dallas, and Nashville. I would like to suggest that we take an Alaskan or other cruise in 2013 and when time permits, I will address this during my administration if elected.

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