Apprentice Fee

January 17, 2009

Why do we ask apprentices to pay the apprenticeship fee and still charge them for junior membership their first year?  Why can’t the apprentice fee be included in their first year of membership?


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  1. Apprenticeship and membership are separate functions within the structure of ACF. I fully understand, and appreciate, your feelings regarding this matter.

    One reason is that an enrolled Apprentice does not necessarily need to be an ACF member. During the Board of Governors meeting in 2007, at the ACF national convention in Orlando, it was stated that the cost of maintaining present services for every ACF member is $238. The current student membership fee is only $80.00; so to generate sufficient funds to cover the costs associated with a worthy Apprentice program, some charge must be applied. The student membership fee reflects the lowest possible amount that ACF can afford to extend.

    For the past few months, there has been an independent Certification Commission, charged with developing new, much needed rules and regulations that include Apprenticeships. This will ultimately give credence to ACF Certifications throughout the food service industry with the benefit of government recognition. This development of a new and independent commission is to bring value to all ACF members, including and especially Apprentices.

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