Greeting to My Fellow Colleagues:

Chef Michael Ty

I want to welcome you to our “ACF Election 2009” Blog Site.  I have created this blog to communicate to as many Chefs as possible; not only in the American Culinary Federation, but in our industry.  These are exciting times because back in 1993, we did not have sophisticated communication as we have today.

Our purpose is to have you post your comments and questions on the numerous topics that challenge our organization and industry.  Although I may not have all the answers to the questions asked, I will do my very best to respond.  If I am not successful in answering your question, hopefully with the great wealth of knowledge in our industry, someone else may reply and shed light on the subject.

There are certain criteria for you to be able to post a question or participate in sharing your thoughts.  The one most important rule is – you will have to log in to our site – that will identify you as one of our users of the site.  This is an open forum and therefore, everyone should know that their name will be included in the questions, answers and other posts.

It is hoped that this method of communicating with you is the most efficient way to get feedback from all of you.  I trust you will join and revisit us many times to receive up-to-date comments regarding the future of our organization. You can also sign up to receive our email newsletters.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to share your thoughts with us concerning important issues facing us in the coming years.

My regards,

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
2009-2011 Candidate for The ACF National Presidency